Chapter 4 : Forward and Onward

Osama Bin Laden is gone. Or is he? Why are Navy Seals seals and not another animal? Was there a movie called Navy Seals? Did it star Charlie Sheen? What’s name of that guy who loses a ton of weight for each movie? Did Michael Keaton reprise his role as Batman? What’s the difference between the Mechanic and the Machinist? What is the name of the movie where Liam Neeson just kills everybody? Dwayne Wade uses a Sidekick? Is the new Danger Sidekick running Google’s Android software the best device in the world? Are Dwayne Wade and LeBron James a formidable duo? Is there something a little funny about the terrible disease that is Lupus? Did Fleetwood Mac die on GLEE ? Is Mic Fleetwood dead? Is Stevie Nicks alive?


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